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Hair Colouring

All Over Hair Colour / Full Colour Change

Fancy something a bit different? Blonde hair colour? Brunette hair colour? Red head hair colour?


An all-over hair colour change can really do wonders! It can liven up a dark and dull style or it can warm up a lighter flaxen look. A full colour change can brighten up your complexion, boost your confidence, make you feel great inside and certainly make you look good on the outside!


Whether you choose to go for something natural and subtle or something bold that will leave you standing out from the crowd, our team of expert stylists will work with you to achieve your desired hair colour change.


At Shenton Haircare located in Wilmslow, Cheshire we feel it is imperative to stay on top of what’s hot and we think it’s our job to know what the current hair trends for the season are.

Foil Highlights and Low Lights

For something more understated, clients may want to consider foil highlights or low lights. Foils are used to apply a whole host of colours and tones to your hair. As foils are invariably placed using a multitude of colours, this method of hair colouring leaves you with a unique hair colour style every time.

Full Head of Highlights or Low Lights

Foil highlights or low lights are applied to the whole head of hair which, in turn creates a host of shades, tones and multi-colours throughout the hair. The choice of hair colour is vast so the possibilities of hair colour are never-ending!

Partial Foils

This method of highlighting (or low lighting), refers to anything less than half a head of foils. The foils are generally placed at the hairline, crown and parting. Partial foils are ideal for freshening up your current colour or for accentuating a certain part of your hair for example, your fringe.

Half-head Highlights

Foils for a half head of high or low lights are normally applied to the top of the head.


These foils will enhance your current colour with various multi-tonal colours and they can expertly brighten up your natural colour given it an injection of new life!


It is worth keeping in mind however, that a half-head of highlights can create a two-tone affect which may be noticeable if you wear your hair in an up-style regularly.

If this is something you want to avoid, then it is worth considering the full head of foils.

Low Lights

Low lights are used to remove hair colour, giving hair definition, depth and a more subtle colour change. Darker strands can be added if necessary to give a boost to washed out ends.

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